2 x 250g for £16.85 Costa Rica Hermosa Honey
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By Lizzie Powell

2 x 250g for £16.85 Costa Rica Hermosa Honey


2 x 250g for £16.85 Costa Rica Hermosa Honey

Produced by Coopedota in the area of Tarrazu which is divided in to three parts – Dota, Tarrazzu, and Leon Cortes. It is also often known as Los Santos as the three main towns are San Pablo, San Marcos, and Santa Maria de Dota.

Prior to the arrival of Coopedota, coffee farming in the area was difficult. The producers had little or no expertise in agronomy, the coffee was sold to middlemen who paid producers unfairly, and there were no wet mills nearby, which meant a long trip to be able to process their coffee. The closest wet mill was “La Raya” in Desamparados, where coffee carts were taken to for measuring and to prevent the coffee cherries from fermenting.

Mr Estanislao Ureña Mora was responsible for introducing coffee to the area, and gave seed to his brother Jose Ureña Mora. Between the two, they sowed a plantation of two hectares and produced their coffee without the use of agrochemicals. Then came Ramon Blanco who built a wet mill in San Pablo de Leon Cortes, and producers began taking their coffee there. In 1929 a wet mill was built in Santa Maria, but as there was so much uncertainty in prices, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department where farmers were given recommendations on how to process their own coffee. Thus was born Coopedota R.L.

Coffee from here is picked by hand and pulped mechanically, leaving it super clean ready for the fermentation stage and drying on patios. For the honey process, 70% of the mucilage is left on the bean before following a similar path – the cherry being agitated just enough to ensure even drying without any over fermentation.

Hermosa Honey has a sweet well balanced smooth body, with cupping notes of Raspberry, caramel & orange.

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All of our coffee beans are freshly roasted by us at our traditional family-run coffee roastery in rural Kent. You will receive a bag of coffee that is very much a premium product, where the aromas and flavours will be exceptionally delicious, and remarkably better than what you may be used to from the supermarket.


This coffee works fantastically well in all brewing equipment, including espresso / cappuccino machines, cafetiere pots, paper / metal filter brewers, and turkish brewers.


Region - Tarrazú
Growing Altitude - 1500 - 1800 metres above sea level 
Arabica Variety - Caturra and Catuaí
Typical Harvest Period - December - March
Milling Process - Honey Processed
Aroma -  Fruity, Floral
Flavour  - Caramel, Grapefruit, Raspberry
Body - Smooth, Light to Medium
Acidity - Bright, Balanced


Raspberry, Caramel, Orange 


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