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By Lizzie Powell

About Us

The Coffee Bean Shop Journey

I love the smell and taste of fresh coffee

Not supermarket coffee, not coffee roasted months ago but really fresh roasted coffee that tastes so different from “old” roasted coffee.

I purchased a Gaggia beans to cup machine for my home but noticed the coffee beans I bought were often black and oily with a bitter aftertaste. This changed when I had freshly roasted coffee from a coffee shop in Covent Garden. It was a revelation! Like no other coffee I had ever tasted!

I wanted to share this experience, so the Coffee Bean Shop was founded in 2008. Since then, so much has happened to the business and I. Looking back, it's been hard work, fulfilling, enjoyable and sometimes daunting. 

Lizzie Powell
Founder, the Coffee Bean Shop

The Roastery

Coffee like you have never tasted before is an art. Thousands of hours testing, perfecting and producing the finest coffee beans that are so fresh, when you open the bag you go wow! That’s what we sell.

What makes us different?

We have been selecting the finest green (raw) coffees from around the world, bringing them home and then freshly roasting them to order using our traditional flame-powered roasting equipment. This produces exceptional coffee which is a vastly superior product than those available in supermarkets.

Customers repeatedly return to us for our excellent coffees and blends, the great customer service and the appreciation of our love of everything coffee. They also appreciate the fact that each bag we sell is freshly roasted to order.  This means that we can usually roast and dispatch coffee to you within 24 hours of your order being placed online.

Few other roasteries and coffee roasters can commit to this level of product quality and we are confident that you will not find a better service anywhere else. Indeed, many prestigious commercial clients have taken advantage of our competitive prices and exceptionally tasting coffees and we even supply our outstanding coffee products to Russia and other areas of Europe.

We use the best equipment, employ the best staff that have the best training in everything coffee and we love to blend unique coffees that you will not find anywhere else. Try some - we promise you will not be disappointed. We deliver our freshly roasted coffees to customers across Kent, London, the UK and Europe so place an order today!

Responsibly sourced Coffee – always

We have visited the farms of most of the coffees we source to make sure the coffee farmers and workers are treated fairly and earn a proper wage for their work.

Trade Customers

We also provide our trade customers with extensive and interesting training sessions to enable them to use their espresso machines and grinders correctly and get the best from our coffee beans.

For more information about us, please contact Lizzie Powell, the Master Coffee Roaster at:

Coffee Bean Shop Ltd
Unit 13
Connect 10 Business Park
Foster Road
TN24 0FE

Tel: 01233 503222


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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The Coffee Bean Shop

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