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Aeropress Gift Box


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Aeropress Gift Box Click the image above to enlarge.

Aeropress and 2 bags (250g) coffee

This exclusive gift comes with an Aerobie Aeropress and 1 pack of aeropress filters included in the Aeropress box.
You will also receive two of the very best crops of single origin coffees, grown at high altitude, hand-picked and hand roasted for 18-20 minutes over flame to ensure the very finest taste and aroma. 
  • 1 x Peruvian Tunki, a rich chocolatey taste, one of our regular customer favourites
  • 1 x Costa Rican Tarrazu Valley, a vanilla and caramel taste quite unique

NOTE: Please put any message you would like on the gift tag in the notes section and the date you would like the coffee to be delivered.  Delivery options are available at checkout.

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