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By Lizzie Powell

Columbian Bucaramanga - Review

My first purchase from CBS and my first tasting of the Colombian Bucaramanga.

The last time I regularly ground my own coffee was well over twenty years ago while living in Putney and you could buy freshly roasted beans from a shop next to the railway station, unfortunately it closed down. The aroma from the shop was its best selling point and grinding coffee while it was warm, fresh from the roaster was an absolutely divine way of experiencing coffee.

Despite no longer having a hand grinder and using a blender to 'grind' the coffee, all I can say was the first tasting of coffee of the Colombian was pure nostalgia in a cup and purely based on that I would rate this coffee first class.

The aroma of the bean prior to grinding is wonderfully pungent and full. Post grinding the room is filled with a warm rich fragrance. I cannot rate this as I have only a twenty year memory to compare this with. I do say however - memories and expectations fulfilled.

I shall try and rate the other coffee blends and single sources from CBS. I have purchased a wide selection but I shall take my time and savour them as slowly as I dare - starting on the Brazilian FC Fazenda Sao Geraldo.

I use a large cafetiere and I like a strong concentrated cup of coffee so I probably put more coffee in than others would and use a medium grind (in my case 10-15secs on the blender)
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Richard Jewell
Date: Tuesday 19 June, 2012

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