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By Lizzie Powell

Colombian Swiss Water Decaffeinated



The Colombian Bucaramanga is a great coffee and, as a decaf it is just as nice. In the past few years the guys and girls who decaffeinate our lovely coffee's have taken massive leaps forwards in improving the taste and colour of decaffeinated coffee and this is no exception.

The Swiss Water Method (a brief explanation)

Unlike many other decaffeination methods Swiss Water relies on no chemicals and produces a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free. On the beans arrival in Vancouver, they are washed and hydrated using fresh water. They are then soaked with Green coffee extract (caffeine free of course) and moved to a holding tank where the remaining caffeine is extracted under high pressure in a proprietary carbon filtering system which traps the caffeine molecules and nothing else. This process takes between 8-10 hours to complete. They're then dried, bagged & tagged ready to come for roasting.

What You Will receive 

All of our Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee is freshly roasted by us at our traditional family-run coffee roastery in rural Kent. When you order some from our online store, you receive a bag of coffee that is very much a premium product, where the aromas and flavours will be exceptionally delicious, and remarkably better than what you may be used to from the supermarket

About Brewing This Coffee

This coffee works fantastically well in all brewing equipment, including espresso / cappuccino machines, cafetiere pots, paper / metal filter brewers, and Turkish brewers.


Region - Santander
Growing Altitude - 1200 - 2000 metres above sea level 
Arabica Variety - Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
Typical Harvest Period - September - December
Milling Process - Washed
Aroma -  Clean
Flavour  - Chocolate, nuts
Body - Round
Acidity - Bright


A smooth clean and consistent taste, bringing through hints of chocolate and nuts.


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Wow, love this! For decaff it has an amazing deep flavour that's really smooth with no bitter after taste. I find regular decaff to be weak and watery but not this one. I grind the beans in my espresso maker and it makes a perfect cup of coffee.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Gillian Crowley
Date: Thursday 12 November, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Gillian,
Thank you for taking the time to post your review.
I completely agree that our Colombian Swiss Water Decaf is on par with our regular Colombian. With all the richness of our Bucaramanga it's a winning decaf!
Best wishes, Jenni & The Bean Team.
I agree with the other reviewer. I had to change to decaffeinated coffee on doctor's orders and hated the bland coffee obtainable from shops. I was delighted when I found Colombian Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee, and am even more delighted now that Guatemalan Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee is available. My husband and friends happily drink the coffee and say it's as good as normal coffee.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Elizabeth Whittaker
Date: Tuesday 01 December, 2015
Since discovering I have a medical condition that means I need to drink decaffeinated coffee, I have been searching for a really good decaffeinated bean supplier.

I've been ordering this coffee for about 6 months now and can definitely recommend it. For me the flavour is just right (for someone who woud rather be still drinking the caffeinated stuff!). I grind it and use in a cafetiere - it even tastes good when I microwave any leftovers.

I've even managed to fool some friends when I ran out of caffeinated coffee!

The only tiny downside about this coffe is that it seems not to last as long as caffeinated coffee once opened - it very quickly loses that lovely "glossy" look to the beans, so I order the small bags only.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Jenny Brown
Date: Tuesday 03 November, 2015
I really like this coffee. I grind it myself on a medium to course setting and use it in a cafetiere. It has a clean, fresh taste with no after taste. Its taste is also constant from order to order. being decaffeinated, it means I can drink as many cups as I want (typically 6 a day!)

I also love seeing my postman's face when I tell him that he's delivering a kilo of Colombia's finest! I can't work out why people automatically assume that I'm talking about Colombia's other export business!
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Nicholas Harper
Date: Thursday 26 July, 2012

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