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Delivery Information

Q: How long will my delivery take in the UK?

A: Typically within the UK most parcels are delivered within 1-2 days. All our packages are sent via royal mail Tracked 24. At peak times it may take slightly longer

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: We recommend storing your coffee in an airtight jar once opened and for no longer that 4-6 weeks in bean form. although we have not tried it there is evidence to suggest that storing them in a freezer and taking out as much as you need each time. We DO NOT recommend storing coffee in the fridge as this is often a source of considerable moisture and strong smelling foods.

Q:  What if I am not here when my parcel arrives?

A: If it has been delivered using royal mail (95% of our deliveries are through royal mail) then it is likely to be taken to the local sorting office. Some postmen may leave them in out houses, sheds, green houses etc though.

Q: How long will my delivery take outside the UK?

A: Postal delivery time varies from country to country though we have given a rough guide of normal delivery times below and the recommended times suggested by royal mail


Time normally

Royal Mail suggested time


1-2 Working Days

2-5 days

Western Europe

7-10 Working days

2 Weeks from posting

Eastern Europe

10-20 Working Days

4 weeks from posting

Outside EU

15-30 Working days

8-12 weeks from posting

Q: What if my parcel is lost/damaged

A: if your parcel is damaged we will gladly replace it though we would ask that you give us some details, ideally including photo’s of the damage so we can review our best practices.

Q: Do you use couriers for deliveries?

A: we’re aware that many people are at work during the day and it is easier to collect from the local post office. When you have given us a home address and the weight is over 10kg’s we may often use a courier for this however, where possible we will use royal mail’s services.

Q:  Why don’t you offer free delivery over a certain amount?

A: We’re aware that many companies do offer this facility however our belief is that this encourages customers to buy more which, although good for the bottom line, means the coffee spends more time sitting around going stale so we encourage all our customers to order smaller amounts more often.

Q: How much is the postage?

A: Depending on where you live the postage varies as, particularly for orders going further we need to increase the packaging amounts due to the amount of damage that is often inflicted on our coffee. All our prices exclude Postage and Packaging.

Please be aware that the packed weight for a 250g bag of coffee is 280g and for 1kg is 1.1kg.

Within the UK

Outside the UK- The best way to order is 7 x 250g bags

Weight in kg’s




Any weight:

£3.25 plus VAT

up to 2kg within EU

£14.50 plus VAT = £17.40



up to 2kg outside EU £20.00 plus VAT = £24.00


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