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Espresso Brewing Guide

Step 1

Pre-warm your portafilter this can either be done by leaving it in the group head (without any old coffee in of course) or by running hot water through it

Step 2

Clean and dry the inside of the portafilter basket to ensure no residual coffee remains then fill the basket with freshly ground coffee to about the consistency of caster sugar

Step 3

Tamp the coffee to create a tight seal around the basket . This will ensure an even flow of water through the coffee ensuring all the particles are extracted evenly.

Step 4

Flush the group head with a short burst of water this will not only clean off any remaining coffee that is on the shower screen but it will also freshen the water in the group head.

Step 5

Place the portafilter into the espresso machine ensuring it is securely in place and immediately begin the extraction

Step 6

Once the coffee starts coming out of the spouts begin timing. It should take 22 - 28 seconds and should look like a rats tail as it pours. If it is too fast see our guide on adjusting your grinder

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