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Filter Cone Brewing

Step 1

If you’re using a paper filter wet it with hot water to get rid of any residual paper taste. If you’re not make sure you warm the cup and cone with hot water anyway.

Step 2

Hopefully you’re grinding fresh, if not why not? But if you are make sure the consistency is slightly coarser than granulated sugar

Step 3

Pour 2 - 3 tablespoons of just off the boil water on to the coffee then allow it to bloom for 10-45 seconds.

Step 4

Pour the water in to the coffee keeping the water around 1-2cm’s above the surface of the coffee

Step 5

Pour the water in anti clockwise circles until the vessel you are pouring in to is nearly full then allow the last of the water to drip through

Step 6

Stir the coffee thoroughly to mix together then sit back & enjoy


We recommend using around 45 - 55grams of coffee per litre

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