Green Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee Beans 4.5 stars, based on 4 reviews
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By Lizzie Powell

Green Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee Beans


Tarrazu Valley arabica coffee beans are quite distinctive with a light hint of vanilla in the aroma. The flavour is full of caramel, fruit and brazil nuts - with a full body, great acidity, a clean finish. This is a well balanced coffee.


I’m really pleased to be able to continue to bring you this coffee from Costa Rica. It has become an increasingly premium coffee as growing areas are being eroded by modern living and tourism continue to rise.

Year on year it becomes a rarer crop and therefore its prices increases, its doubled in the past few years. We’re hoping this high-altitude premium coffee will be around for many years to come.  The very best Costa Rican coffee is sometimes illegally substituted for Blue Mountain, put into barrels and sold for 10 times as much!

The clean and sweet flavour lends itself well to the Aeropress brewing method.

Costa Rica has tough regulations expressly forbidding the growth of low quality coffee varieties. The quality of the best of these coffee beans can be quite amazing. The country also has the 'Speciality Coffee Association of Costa Rica', which is a collective of the best producers of Costa Rican coffee who control the export of the very best coffees available.


roasting notes 

This coffee needs to be roasted through the first crack and slowly just into the second. Be careful not to over roast this coffee as you may loose its delicate flavour.  


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My first roast was quite light and the coffee lacked depth. Go well into 1st crack and the whole thing is transformed into a very tasty brew.Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]By Tony Gleeson
Date: Saturday 23 April, 2016
My first attempt at home roasting in a Mauviel copper frying pan. Fantastic results, quite a long and complex flavour. The pan-roast produces a relatively 'mixed roast', similar to a custom blend. Very impressed.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Mark Pickstone
Date: Tuesday 25 August, 2015
loving this coffee I'm new to roasting but after some time resting after I roasted about 200g the flavour and aroma of this is amazing.
Will definitely buy this again.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By David Caitens
Date: Friday 13 March, 2015
Beautiful. Really rich flavour (medium roast). Worked well on its own and blended with Ugandan robusta.Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]By Dominic Kelly
Date: Thursday 05 July, 2012

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