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By Lizzie Powell

Green Indian 'Tiger Stripes' Blend


This exceptional Indian coffee blend is the first pre-blended coffee we've taken from our coffee importer. It is blended at origin and is a thoroughly lovely coffee both to roast and, more importantly, to drink.


As one of our strongest coffees, this Indian blend is the perfect coffee to pick you up the morning after the night before. I’ve included Robusta in this blended coffee as it’s known for its strength, crema and higher caffeine content as well. as adding the right level of bitterness that some coffee drinkers yearn after.

Tiger Stripes takes its name from the crema formation when it pulls through as an espresso shot. The crema layer resembles a mottled, tiger-like appearance when filtering at its desired consistency.

Suitable for all brewing methods, but good as an espresso as it cuts through the creaminess in longer milky drinks.

When the coffee is selected from the regions of Coorg, Wayanaad & Chikmagalur it is blended, roasted and tasted so that, when pulled as an espresso it produces delicate dark orange stripes in the Crema of the espresso.


Roasting Notes

This is already a blend of Indian and Robusta. Watch you don't take this too far at the end, again very chaffy and can be very oily if over roasted. Get the heat in, get to second crack and be sure you are there, then drop.


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After trying several of Coffee Bean Shop's green coffee bean types, roasted at home, I finally settled on this as my favourite. Lovely caramel-like coffee with great crema. Suits me for lattes perfectly, slight hints of chocolate. As stated is very 'chaffy' when roastingRating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By stephen Poole
Date: Friday 17 April, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Thank you for your review Stephen.
Our Indian Tiger Stripes does give great crema. With it's small amount of Robusta beans blended with the Arabica beans it also has a nice bit of oomph!
Stay safe and well.
Best wishes, The Bean Team.
Latest coffee to roast in popcorn maker. As easy as Ethiopian Yig to roast but unlike the Yig uneven roast with pale beans even after taking to 2nd crack. However, did the same as my review on Monsooned Malabar which produced a lovey smooth coffee that smelt of nuts on grinding and very slight taste of expensive Cuban cigars - would be very nice as an after dinner coffee, but hey brilliant for breakfast also!Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Lindsey Stewart
Date: Monday 28 May, 2018
Nice coffee- we medium roasted this, and used it in our espresso machine. Very smooth with a nice thick crema, great blend for morning coffeeRating: [4 of 5 Stars!]By Caroline Billings
Date: Sunday 20 July, 2014

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