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By Lizzie Powell

Green Jamaica Blue Mountain



This wonderful coffee from Jamaica is a deliciously rare Peaberry coffee.

The Blue Mountain farms take great care in both the farming and the processing of the beans and this is evident in the quality of the green, un roasted coffee that arrives with us. A peaberry occurs when the 2 coffee beans inside the cherry do not form properly and create 1 smaller bean. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Over the last several decades, this coffee bean has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world.

We have been able to secure a small amount of this very special coffee indeed.

This is Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 Grade coffee from the famous Gold Cup coffee estate. Not only is Jamaican Blue Mountain considered by many to be the best coffee bean in the world, the No.1 grade Blue Mountain is the best of all the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees available.  It's the very highest estate on Blue Mountain and without question, this is the very best of the best.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally protected certification mark meaning that only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labelled as such.

It comes from a recognised growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and its cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain has an intense aroma and is perfectly balanced with a full bodied flavour that develops on the palate. It is exceptionally smooth with vibrant acidity and a persistent flavour.




This extremely high quality coffee has been hand picked and hand sorted. The beans are a very uniform size with a blue tinge. This coffee will roast very consistently and must be carefully dropped just as the second cracks are heard. If you over roast this coffee into the second crack, you will ruin the delicate taste so distinctive of Blue Mountain. 


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Small but perfectly formed, this rounded bean gives great return for gentle treatment. I’d been hoarding the Jamaica Blue Mountain since a 2017 birthday, but Our Trying Times called for splurging my little bag into the roasting pan. Lichen-green at first, it rewards only a casual stir with uniform umber and a sweet nutty scent. First crack, while quietly spoken, is a treat to watch as the beans burst open, but listen out – second crack begins in more of a murmur. Get it straight into the cooling bowl, where that nuttiness is deceptive; once ground, it’s all amazing fruit and a touch of mown grass, and that delicate acidity really sparkles in a long espresso. Subtle enough to drink black, even though I’d usually go for whole milk. I’d look at you very sternly if you sugared it. This coffee is a real special occasion pleasure – life’s too short not to enjoy it.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Shakira Christodoulou
Date: Sunday 26 April, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Shakira,
Thank you for your review of Jamaica Blue Mountain.
Always consistently good. An amazingly satisfying cup especially roasted and brewed by your own fair hand!
Stay safe and well.
Best wishes, The Bean Team.
This is well worth a try. I did a medium roast going for about 20 seconds into 1st Crack.
As an espresso there are lavender and honey notes with a very creamy mouth feel with a grape-like tangy acidity.
As a black filter there is more malt and chocolate but still very sweet.
Some of the tang was lost when I added milk but it was still a lovely drink.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Tony Gleeson
Date: Monday 30 May, 2016

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