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By Lizzie Powell

Reviews: Green Monsoon Malabar Coffee Beans

Monsoon (monsooned) Malabar is the most famous of the monsooned coffee beans and is much sought after throughout the world. This ageing process adds a lot of spice and complexity to the bean, which is what gives the coffee its strikingly original flavour characteristics.

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I love Monsoon Malabar - I love the smell of the green beans, and I love its noisy patter when it's roasting. Interesting to hear about the tricolour thing - it is noticeable with this one, and it gives a nice complexity to the taste, maybe. A simple pan-roast, and you have plenty of time to observe that beautiful colour change while you stir - it's very free with its oils and produces a beautiful glossy sheen while still a light mahogany in shade. Drinking-wise, it has good gutsy punch in the front, and lovely acidity in the aftertaste. Really quite tempted to have my fourth cup today...Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Shakira Christodoulou
Date: Wednesday 11 March, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Shakira,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful review :)
It must be really satisfying to complete the whole process resulting in a lovely cup!
Monsoon Malabar is definitely a firm favourite with all of us here at Coffee Bean Shop and has always proved popular with our customers, we look forward to seeing you on our order list again soon.
Best regards, The Bean Team.
Update on Green Monsoon Malabar - my husband bought me a £70 electric roaster from an online company and this is much better. The popcorn maker is too fast and roasts the outside of the bean before the inside is ready. The new roaster takes 20-30 mins to roast and the coffee is so much stronger that we have had to only use single expressos instead of double! Monsoon Malabar still gets a 5 star review and would get more if it were possible!Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Lindsey Stewart
Date: Tuesday 28 May, 2019
If you are searching for a really good tasting coffee try Monsoon Malabar.
I roast the green beans to a quite dark roast and the resulting flavour is fantastic.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Mark Carr
Date: Thursday 15 November, 2018
Very uneven roast using a popcorn maker however adding another 40 secs at the end of the first crack after allowing the machine to cool down for one minute got most of the coffee even. The shaking in a sieve brought the very pale ones to the surface so after roasting 3-4 batches I then re-roasted the pale ones for a full roast time in the popcorn maker. Excellent results really for an amateur roast.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Lindsey Stewart
Date: Monday 28 May, 2018
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