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Hario V60 Copper Filter Cone

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Hario are well renowned for their kitchen eqiupment and, a few years ago they ventured in to coffee brewing equipment. This copper pourover will sit nicely on top of your mug producing enough coffee for 2 cups. With it's ridged spiral structure on the inside it produces a consistant brew everytime, this is my favorite Sunday morning brew method...the "clean" taste of paper filtered coffee is so much nicer than a stewed cafetiere and no more grinds in the sink afterwards!

Included with the brewer is a pack of filter papers to get you started.

Hario V60 Pour over Drippers are designed to unlock the ‘secrets of flavor’. Designed and manufactured by specialist, Japanese Glassware Company Hario, the V60 range has become the industry favorite thanks to its functionality and quality results.

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