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18th September 2015

This week's promos are up!

The 4 bag promo has a wonderful coffee from the Dominican Republic, one of my all time favourites - Indian Tiger Stripes , the one and only Columbian Bucaramanga and finally a seasonal blend from China and India that we love and know you will too!

The 5 bag promo has all of the above and as a special treat for our favourite customers there is also a bag of Rwandan Fully Washed 'AA' Inzovu coffee.  Sweet and clean, with a bright acidity and some floral notes, this new crop is arguably from one of the best coffee estates worldwide,.


12th AUGUST 2015

Tiger Stripes is back in stock!

We have a fresh shipment of Tiger Stripes that several customers have asked for. It’s a firm favourite for many so if you have not tried it yet give it a go.

17th July 2015

Blue Mountain Peaberry is back!!

We have just received some of the very rare Blue Mountain Peaberry coffee.

It’s a firm favourite of ours and we know many of you love it too! When we compared our prices we were up to half the price of our competitors so it will not last long.

10th July 2015

This week's promos are up!

The 4 bag promo has the wonderful Honduras Finca Santa Rosa, one of my favourites the Nicaragua SHB, the one and only Ethiopian Djimma and finally a seasonal blend from South America that we love and know you will too!

The 5 bag promo has all of the above and in addition there is the Guatemala, one of the most distinctive and desirable coffees you will find.

27TH May 2015

Hawaiian Kona makes it's return to The Coffee Bean Shop!

This week we have a new crop of Hawaiian Kona for you to try

Last few remaining Hawaiian Kona at a reduced price - very limited stock so first come first served now!!!  Our 100g is £9.99 instead of £14.99 and the 250g is at £24.99!!!!

24TH APRIL 2015

Brazilian Daterra Sunrise makes it's way to The Coffee Bean Shop!

We are really excited to be able to offer some fantastic coffees in this week's promo bundle. 

Brazilian Daterra Sunrise is definately not available in your local supermarket and we don't want you to miss out on the experience of trying it.

17th April 2015

We have some exciting new exceptionally tasting coffees for you to try in our promos this week

In this weeks promos we bring you an exclusively prepared Brazil Ipanema Yellow Icatu coffee, and also making it's first appearance at The Coffee Bean Shop.... The Indonesian Kalosi Toraja.

Easter Closing Time 27/03/2015

We close our roastery doors on Thursday 2nd April 2015 and will reopen Tuesday 6th 2015 once we have rested and eaten our eggs!  Tuesday next week will be the last chance for ordering for guaranteed pre Easter delivery.


Trainee Coffee Roaster - 27/03/15

We are looking for a trainee coffee roaster to join our expanding company in Ashford, Kent. 

Ideally you will have some sort of coffee background, preferably a barista who would like to further their love of coffee and join us! Your main duties will be roasting our fantastic coffee for our customers and full coffee roasting training will be given. Your role will also include some barista training and cupping sessions for prospective new clients.  We have a variety of machines, so someone who is also mechanically minded would be an advantage.

We work from 9-5 Monday to Friday, so the hours are great as is the pay package.

Please email with your CV

Pulp Natural Explained - Honey processed

We hope this short description of Pulped natural will give you a better understanding of the processes involved to create some of our coffees.

Pupled natural (AKA honey processed) is one of many processing methods used to remove the cherry from the beans.  Once the coffee cherries are picked they are sent through a water channel to, what is in essence a big metal bath, where the coffee beans are allowed to settle, any cherries that rise to the top (floaters) are skimmed off at this stage.  Once the floaters are removed they remaining cherries have their skin removed leaving only the 2 beans and a mucilage layer that surrounds the bean. These are then laid out on stone patios or raised drying beds and regularly turned until they reach 25-35% moisture whereupon they are loaded in to sacks ready for shipping and re-sale.

Coffee Bean Shop News - 29/03/12

Welcome to the news section of our new website, we hope you enjoy looking around the site and some of the new items we have added including the chocolate sticks & our roaster's choice coffee. While you're here don't forget to check out the gifts section for the perfect present for either yourself or another coffee fan.

We've had an exciting time here at coffee bean shop the past few months. Obviously we've got the new look website courtesy of the great guys & girls at smart domain but we've also been adapting our labels to reflect the origins of the coffee's. We hope you like them.

All the best

Coffee Bean Shop Ltd

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