Oxo Cold Brew Dripper
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By Lizzie Powell

Oxo Cold Brew Dripper



For centuries, the Japanese have been cold brewing their coffee. However, In recent times this brewing method has become the trendy alternative to the traditional methods using hot water and is often seen discussed in the media and served in cafes and coffee shops around the country.

How It Works

Cold water is poured over freshly (course) ground coffee and steeped for 24-48 hours in a chiller before being filtered. The end result is a concentrated liquid coffee extract that keeps for around 2 weeks, which can be bottled and used in a variety of ways.

Because of the elimination of heat in the extraction process; flavour notes, fruitiness, brightness and acidity will all differ from a traditionally brewed cup with the same coffee.

You can make a refreshing iced coffee by adding the concentrate to cold water over ice, or a frappe by blending with milk and ice. For a more indulgent drink, try adding sugar and top with whipped cream and chocolate or hazelnut sauce!

Alternatively, just add the concentrate to hot water instead of a spoon of instant coffee for that quick fix, if you’re that person who's too busy to brew fresh coffee all the time.

We’ve researched lots of different brewers and this is definitely the best one we’ve found!

We recommend using a course ground coffee, so set your grinder to the coarsest setting and start from there, or order your coffee for french press/cafetiere.


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