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By Lizzie Powell

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Old Brown Java

Having tried these beans, I now totally understand what Mr Lee said about them in his earlier review!

These beans are extremely versatile and compliment a variety of different coffee styles, from oat milk 'cappuccinos', (Fellows Prismo) 'Espressos', Americano's and general milky coffees.

These beans will stand up to rigorous experimentation with the ground size, ratios and bloom/brew and press times (Aeropress).

Yet another winner from the excellent team at the CBS.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Ian Gunn
Date: Sunday 04 October, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Ian,
Thank you for sharing your review. As has "bean" said before, our OBJ (as we call it) can get mixed reactions. It really is a love/hate coffee with a really unique flavour that comes with the ageing process of these beans. we're delighted your in the "love it" camp!!
Many thanks once again for taking the time to share your feedback.
Best wishes - The Bean Team.
Old Brown Java

Colombian Bucaramanga

Excellent tasting coffee that is definitely my new favourite. Will certainly be purchasing again.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Sean Ryan
Date: Tuesday 29 September, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Sean,
Thank you for sharing your review.
You are certainly not alone, our Colombian Bucaramanga continues to be a customer favourite with it's rich chocolatey taste. We're thrilled you love it!
Best wishes, Jenni & all The Bean Team.
Colombian Bucaramanga

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Another brilliantly roasted bean from the CBS. It works wonderfully with oat milk (& a bean to cup machine) to make a stunning cappuccino.

I have also brewed (15-17g of freshly ground beans) through both metal and paper ( AP) filters and all attempts yielded clean cups with wonderful complex flavours.

These beans also make a superbly sweet cold brew too.

I am really enjoying my exploration of the coffees roasted by CBS.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Ian Gunn
Date: Sunday 13 September, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Ian,
Another great review thank you!
We are delighted you also loved our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as well as our Colombian Bucaramanga. You certainly chose a couple of favourites with Coffee Bean Shop customers.
Thank you for taking the time to share your very informative feedback, really helpful to other customers when not sure what to choose!
Best wishes - The Bean Team.
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Colombian Bucaramanga

As a 'new-be' I have just received my first order of a couple of bags of 'single origin' coffee from CBS. I decided to open the Bucaramanga first.

I've brewed these beans (15-18g) in my Aeropress in both the normal and inverted methods. I've used a paper and a stainless steel (super-fine) filter. I have also made a cold brew through my Puck Puck.

I now understand why these beans are one of the best sellers. As stated, the chocolate and nutty notes are well pronounced, the coffee is clean and offers that subtle sweetness (which is enhanced in the cold brew).

The service from CBS has so far been exemplary.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Ian Gunn
Date: Wednesday 02 September, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Ian,
Thank you for taking the time to add your review.
You certainly can't go wrong with our Colombian Bucaramanga, always a popular choice. The notes are very apparent and however these beans are brewed, they really do offer a beautifully rich flavoursome coffee - we're thrilled you agree.
Thanks again for sharing your feedback, we really appreciate it and look forward to roasting for you again soon.
Best wishes, The Bean Team.
Colombian Bucaramanga

Hawaiian Kona

Was never a great coffee drinker, tasted this first time when we were fortunate to be in Hawaii and fell in love, had bought from another online store but this one tastes so much better, have since tried a few other coffees from coffeebeanshop, would not shop anywhere else now, love the personal service, super fast delivery and the odd little extra thrown in.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Joanne Shaw
Date: Sunday 02 August, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Joanne, thanks a million for such a super review. I adore Hawaiian Kona, it's such a special coffee and very popular with everyone here. I'm glad you appreciate the freshly slow roasted taste, it really does make such a difference to the flavour of the beans, we love what we do and I'm glad you do too! Lizzie x
Hawaiian Kona

5 Bag Promo (roasters selection)

The excellent customer services are only surpassed by the truly excellent, delicious and tasty coffee. I have tried the Bean to cup pack and the 5 bag promo pack and I can honestly say that all the coffees have been excellent which makes choosing my next purchase very difficult. I recommend you try this company and it’s Coffee. Thank you Liz and your team.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Roy Crumpton
Date: Friday 31 July, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Roy, thanks so much for your amazing review! We always have a new speciality coffee every week, so there will always be something new to try. Lizzie x
5 Bag Promo (roasters selection)
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