Rwandan Fully Washed - AA - "Inzovu" 5.0 stars, based on 7 reviews
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By Lizzie Powell

Rwandan Fully Washed - AA - "Inzovu"


Strong yet light as a feather. See further product details below.


When I first bought some Rwandan coffee, I was really surprised by its unique taste. Although it’s one of our stronger coffees, the fruity and floral characteristics still come through.

It’s my Auntie Sammie’s favourite. She’s always been incredibly supportive of my business and she has been drinking this coffee for years, she is also a big fan of Peru too!

From the far south-west of Rwanda – a region called Nyakabuye – this coffee is from a small cooperative of only 30 farmers, each with anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand trees.

This offered lot comes from a Rwandan exporter whom recently participated in the "Cup of Excellence" taking 4 of the top 10 positions including numbers 1 and 2! This coffee was picked from those very same estates.

What You Will receive

All of our coffee is freshly roasted by us at our traditional family-run coffee roastery in rural Kent. You will receive a bag of coffee that is very much a premium product, where the aromas and flavours will be exceptionally delicious and remarkably better than what you may be used to from the supermarket.

About Brewing This Coffee

This coffee works fantastically well in all brewing equipment, including espresso / cappuccino machines, cafetiere pots, paper / metal filter brewers, and Turkish brewers.


Region - Gicumbi, Northern Rwanda
Growing Altitude - 1400 - 1900 metres above sea level
Arabica Variety - Bourbon and typica
Typical Harvest Period - March - July
Milling Process - Wet-processing, sun-dried on "raised tables"
Aroma -  Sweet and Fruity
Flavour  - Chocolate, herb and fruit 
Body - Clean and sweet
Acidity - Winey and juicy 

Cup Characteristics

Very clean cup with properly balanced acidity, smooth, mellow body, and a sweet lingering aftertaste.


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One of the smoothest yet full flavoured coffees I have ever tasted, definitely my favourite. Have already ordered it again!Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Mandy Herrett
Date: Thursday 13 May, 2021
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Perfectly described Mandy, very full in flavour but beautifully delicate at the same time. We're thrilled you are enjoying our Rwanda Inzovu so much. Thank you for taking the time to share your review, we really appreciate it.
Best wishes
Jenni & The Bean Team
A lovely, quite complex flavour. To my taste buds this has a slightly 'dry' approach with woody overtones. Very mellow without being 'cloying'. Easy to drink all day.
I have never been a fan of e.g. 'High Street' Kenyan coffee - but this is higher quality and much more appealing.
Having said all of that, I would still probably routinely go for the Peruvian Tunki myself - but that's just personal taste. I recommend trying this Rwandan, you will not be disappointed and it could just be the 'ideal' coffee for you.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By St John Hattersley
Date: Friday 05 March, 2021
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Thank you for taking the time to share your review of our Rwanda Inzovu St John.
It's great to receive feedback for a different coffee than you usually opt for, and very helpful for other customers. Rwandan coffee has grown hugely in popularity recently with Coffee Bean Shop customers which is testament to how good this particular coffee is!
Best wishes, Jenni & all The Bean Team.
A superb coffee! Am a fan of African coffee in general and love the Yirg, it's close but I think this may just edge it. Is lovely in a longer drink with milk but even better drunk black. To me it has a slightly sweet earthy taste and a long lovely rich finish which lingers without a hint of bitterness. This is the 5th coffee from yourselves and all have been excellent drunk black, no bitterness or harsh aftertaste I have always had when trying black coffees.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Neil Dougherty
Date: Tuesday 19 January, 2021
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Neil,
Thank you for taking the time to share your review of our Rwanda Inzovu, we really appreciate it. What a super informative review it is, a fabulous description, we're thrilled you enjoyed it!
Best wishes The Bean Team.
Had my suspicians aroused that this was going to be good when i stirred the coffee before depressing the plunger on my cafetiere... it was like a syrupy chocolatey froth on the surface!
It exceeded expectations and it delivered a gorgeous full-bodied, choclatey, and smoooth cuppa!
My favourite .., so far!
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By stuart kester
Date: Saturday 26 August, 2017
Never had Rwandan coffee before but this is one of the best coffees ive tasted it makes my usual espresso blend seem bitter and astringent. To me this tastes not to disimilar to the rare and expensive geisha coffee with a nice spiciness as id describe it. Great in an espresso machine to go with milk. Will be reordering!!Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By David Fox
Date: Friday 08 April, 2016
I have just bought this coffee with roaster choice.
I have a new coffee machine, but this coffee was superb, one of the best coffees I have ever had.
Rich and complex but not bitter.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Eileen Lee
Date: Tuesday 23 February, 2016
If you like the rich earthiness of African coffees like Ethiopian Yirga you should try this. Superb.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By andrew boyling
Date: Tuesday 27 October, 2015

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