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By Lizzie Powell

The Bean To Cup Starter Bundle (Colombian, Yirgacheffe, Monsoon, Everyday)


Just “bean” and bought a new “beans to cup” coffee machine? Congratulations, you have made a life changing and excellent choice.


✅ Ideal for your new machine.  NON oily beans delivered the next day.

✅ Perfect to try different coffee tastes from around the world.

✅ The right amount for your household.

✅ Hand roasted and packed.

✅ Roast date displayed.

✅ Sent with love, our customer service is exceptional, look at Trust Pilot reviews.

This bundle will include the following: 

  1. Colombian (single origin) 250g
  2. Yirgacheffe (single origin) 250g
  3. Monsoon Malabar (single origin) 250g
  4. Everyday Espresso (Blend made from Brazilian, Guatemalan and Colombian) 250g

Ideal for any beans to cup machine 

Beans to cup machines produce great coffee if you use the right freshly roasted beans (you are in just the right place).  Bean to cup machines DO NOT LIKE over roasted dark, black oily beans and neither do we!  The machines can easily get clogged with oily beans, this happens when the beans are over roasted and usually old.  We freshly roast every day and if you order before 5pm, you will receive your coffee the next working day.

perfect to try different tastes from around the world 

When I speak to customers, they are often confused when it comes to buying coffee at the beginning especially for a new machine if they have finally seen the light and upgraded from a pod machine.  This is why I have hand-picked 4 very different tasting coffees for you to try to start with.  In the pack you receive, there will be some tasting notes for you to read whilst you drink and more importantly a recommendation for your next order based on what you like from the first delicious box.  

The right amount for your household

I get asked, how much do I buy?  So here you have 1kg of the finest, freshly roasted coffee in the world, oh and by the way, we use bigger pack sizes, our coffee is in 250g bags rather than the smaller 227g often sold in the supermarket!  

Your beans to cup machine is likely to be set for a double shot which is using around 14-16g per cup. Therefore, each bag should give you around 16 cups of coffee!  Perfect for a couple of cups a day for 1 person, if you are lucky enough to be sharing a machine with someone, you will be using twice that.  So, we are about 1-2 bags per week depending on consumption, this should keep the most serious coffee drinker caffeinated for 2-4 weeks. So, we have the right number of bags.  We want enough to be practical and not run out, but not too much because coffee stales after roasting.  I recommend that you buy our coffee about every 3 weeks or 4 weeks.  

hand roasted and packed 

We roast for around 16 minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter depending on the bean and the crop. We use an incredible hand built Dutch drum roaster from Giesen, which carefully tumbles the beans over a flatbed burner for the most incredible even roast, see our video here (Click here).  We pack our coffee literally within a few minutes of roasting into special valve bags to keep the beans at their absolute best and allow the CO2 created by the beans once roasted to expel from the bag.

Roast date displayed 

We don’t and won’t use best before dates.   All our coffee is freshly roasted and displays the date, it tastes at its absolute best about a week after roasting, but is still great up to about a month, at this stage,  just the right amount of oils within the bean have developed and the coffee will degas as you grind giving you an incredible aroma too.  Always look for a roast date to be sure you are buying the best possible coffee and freshly roasted coffee is not a preference, it is ESSENTIAL!

sent with love, our customers service is exceptional

We have been roasting since 2008.  We are a small team working in a family run roastery in rural Kent.  We take our coffee seriously, very seriously and we have superb customer service to match.  Please call us anytime if you need help or advice and one of us will always be here to help.  Our Trustpilot score bears testament to our standards, you can see what everyone else thinks here (Click here)

So armed with some coffee knowledge, a great selection of beans in the post and a new member of the Coffee Bean Club, you are ready to go!!  Good luck on your new beans to cup journey and be sure to read the leaflet and recommendations for next time.  There may even be a little something you didn’t expect

For more information on the coffees click the links!


A smooth clean and consistent taste, bringing through hints of chocolate and nuts. Our most popular coffee!


A smooth, deep complex. With hints of berry like fruitiness.  Our second most popular coffee.

Monsoon malabar

Spicy, earthy, smoky, tobacco notes, wood notes, medium body, medium acidity. Our most popular aged coffee.

everyday espresso 

Bringing the best of Colombian, Guatemalan and Brazil gives us all the sweetness in the cup followed by a chocolate aftertaste and a hint of caramel.  Our post popular blend.



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Excellent value, great selection of coffee ☕ beans are not oily at all so good for machine. Highly recommendedRating: [5 of 5 Stars!]By Mo Lumb
Date: Saturday 07 November, 2020
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd reply: Hi Mo,
Thank you for your review of our Bean to Cup Starter Pack.
We medium roast all of our coffee which keeps most of the oil within the beans and retains the flavours that are naturaly present rather than masking with any bitterness and creating oily coffee beans as dark roasting can do. We have specially selected some of our most popular coffees for this pack and are thrilled this was a great choice for you.
Thanks again for sharing your feedback.
Best wishes, Jenni & The Bean Team

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