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Trade Coffee

We at Coffee Bean Shop are one of a small handful of companies who roast our own coffee beans. When we first began we focused on home users but over time the demand has arisen for us to supply cafes, wholesalers, offices & restaurants amongst many others.

We have a wide selection of trade customers from Michelin starred restaurants to award winning Indian eateries as well as independent high street cafes of all sizes. We strive to select only the best beans for each and work with all our customers to ensure every aspect of their coffee business runs like clockwork from the delivery to the serving of the coffee.

We always like to see our customers doing well on coffee sales as this means more roasting. We have helped many of them have come up with innovative ideas such as having a dedicated grinder for a single component of their blend through to retailing out bags of coffee for their customers to enjoy at home.

From brewed coffee to espresso we’re convinced we have the perfect taste to suit you and your customers taste. We also have a range of teas, hot chocolates & many more café products online so there’s sure to be something for everyone. If you’re new to the coffee business and are wondering what machine is best checkout this guide to point you in the right direction.

So if like us you are passionate about great coffee contact us today and we’ll be glad to arrange a visit or discuss your options. Remember the coffee is often the last thing your customers taste so make sure you’re not leaving a bitter taste in their mouths!

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