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What Coffee To Choose?

What the roastery team has to say   ...

We regularly get asked what coffee we recommend and it's always a bone of contention here in the roastery. With so many amazing coffees changing so regularly we can never settle on a favourite.

When we get asked this we usually suggest our fortnightly promotion which contains 3 single origin coffees and a blend; this is a really good way to get an idea of the tastes that suit your pallet.


We thought we'd give you a little helping hand when it comes to choosing coffees. We've devised a chart to give you a better idea of growing regions so you can decide what coffees best suit your pallet.

1. Regional Coffee Taste Chart


Dark to light chocolate, low acidity sometimes with nuts. Most Central American coffee's are a 'traditional coffee taste'

Guatemalan - Costa Rica - Mexican


With a low acidity these regions (in-particular non single estate Brazilians) can be slightly bland however they are good all day drinkers as both are commonly used as component parts of many coffee blends

Brazilian's - Colombians

East Africa
& Arabia

Many different taste characteristics come from these regions, to sum up in a few sentences we'd suggest these are often Winey, light, fruity (think berries) and bright

Ethiopia - Kenya - Yemen


All the Caribbean coffee's are generally very un-offensive on the pallet. With neutral flavours and some sweetness they are certainly one's to be tried

Hawaiian Kona - Jamaica Blue Mountain


In this category sits many of our finest coffee's that don't really have a home elsewhere. Being lovely coffee's they are deserving of a place in our chart.

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Australian Bassalt Blue


Great coffee's from a great place. With the exception of Old Brown Java most, if not all, Indonesian coffee's produce earthy, spicy & syrupy tastes

Java - Sumatra - Papua New Guinea

Aged & treated coffee's

We'd really struggle to describe these coffee's by specifically saying aged & treated coffee's. Both of these coffee's have fantastic unique profiles and have to be tasted to be believed

Old Brown Java - Monsoon Malabar

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