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By Lizzie Powell

White Label Coffee

It is highly likely you have already tried coffee roasted by us without knowing it!

We are responsible for providing over 7,000,000 cups of trade coffee throughout Kent, London, the UK and Europe every year, secretly roasting and packing for other people’s businesses.

We take your coffee as seriously as our own, so why not let us delicately hand roast over flame the coffee for your UK business? We would start the process by an initial tasting to establish the optimum blend of beans from around the world with over 50 varieties to choose from. We would then carefully blend together anything from 3 to 8 single origin coffees ensuring that we have the both the required caffeine level that is appropriate for your demographic and then we work alongside you to ensure that the roast level is just right, as light or dark as you wish.

We treat your coffee blend in exactly the same way as we do our own. No flash roasting here!! This is coffee roasted over flame for 12-18 minutes in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. We typically roast for our UK clients every week, ensuring that you receive the freshest possible trade coffee in your own packaging with a roasted on date for stock control. Available for clients across Kent, London and the rest of the UK, we can offer beans in kg bags, bespoke packaged in boxes of 12 and also retail packs of 250g as beans or ground for your customers.

Check out our Signature Blend and our White Label Blend

This is trade coffee at its best with your name written all over it!

Single origin white label coffee
Cafe espresso white label coffee

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