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By Lizzie Powell

Wholesale & Our White Label Blends

Any idea on which coffee to choose? At Coffee Bean Shop we have chosen four bespoke blends to meet every businesses' needs  

We source high quality beans and all our coffee is slow roasted to order in our beautiful Giesen flame roasters, so you can always receive the very freshest and amazing coffee!

When choosing one of our premium 'White Label' blends we still offer our bespoke bag and labelling service, for more information on our bespoke bag and labelling service visit the 'Signature Blend' Page. We would recommend this for retail usage, allowing your blend to stand out from the crowd as well as being able to resell your blend in store. 

Stuck on a design? You can use our complimentary labels shown below. We would advise the use of these labels for wholesale coffee purchases. 

Take a look at our bespoke blends below for more information on the coffee used, taste and much more. 

As well as our top four 'White Label' blends we do offer any of our singled origin coffees for trade use for customers who prefer the taste of a specific coffee.  

For more information contact us on 01233 503222 or visit our roastery in Kent, you'll find us on the 'contact us' page. 


Blends and Single Origin 

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